Our sharpest idea ever!
Our sharpest idea ever!
Sharp Ideas Coming Your Way! So Watch Out.
Sharp Ideas Coming Your Way! So Watch Out. 

Spearhat! It's really cutting edge! 


It's New! It's Unique!

There's Been Nothing Like It Ever Before!  

           SPEAR HAT!!

Use it to catch rings! 6 rings included. (Onion rings work, too!) Or for even more fun, throw fruit in the air and try to outrun your friend to catch it on your Spearhat! You'll earn extra points depending on the type of fruit tossed! Instructions included, but not the fruit.

From the same folks who gave you PIN THE KNIFE ON THE PARTY GOER and GUILTY, the game that comes with plans to make your own Real Electric Chair!

Listen to what folks who played "Spear Hat" had to say:

"We had a bloody good time!" 

"This game is a cut above the others."

"Wow, what a sharp game!"

"I laughed my head off! Really off!"


Special introductry offer! $59.95 for a pair of two hats.

Shipping is included, but not handling or postage.

All major credit cards accepted, except Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, PayPal and Debit Cards. Please no personal checks.  


Our first shipment of one hat has already been sold out!

But there's more on the way.  Do you want to know when the next batch of SpearHats arrive?  Get on the list for info NOW!  Email us and say: "Yes, I need more info!"

Emalil us now! info@spearhats.com

(We will not sell your info unless we get a really good offer.)